Hiring Military Spouses is Good for Business

  By: Jaime Chapman, Founder & CEO of Begin Within & Ana Levan, Director of Marketing at Premier Talent Partners  Consider Hiring a U.S. Military Spouse Hiring U.S. military spouses is good for business. Military spouses are scrappy, diverse, and highly...

The resume isn’t the military spouse, meet Peggy de Villiers.

Totally ignore the resume of a military spouse. Military spouses come in all forms. You may see a hot off the press 18 year old newlywed who has never had a "real job", all the way through industry leading professionals who've been in the workforce for several...

Military Spouses are Agile, Meet Emerald Trejo

Being a "dependent" is the worst. Military spouses get a bad rap for being "dependas" and mooching off their service member. I am a fiercely independent woman and being called a "dependent" makes me vomit in my mouth every time I hear the word. This week, I discovered...

Military Spouses are Determined and Passionate, Meet Deidre McVay-Schulmeister

A little bit of grit, and a whole lotta love. Military spouses are just that... spouses. Military spouses all have something in common, they married a service member. Many people say, "You knew what you were getting into when you married a soldier." HECK NO! Not true....

Milspouses Adjust Quickly, Meet Shirley Walker-King

Over 90% of military spouses are women. According to the White House's Military Spouse Demographics and Employment Information publication, "92% of Active Duty spouses are female". This publication also states that: "Female military spouses earn, on average, 25% less...


Military Spouses Bring Creativity & Independence, Meet Adam Evans

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Adam Evans Military Spouse Diversity Begin Within

Yes, there are male military spouses.

I love the diversity in the military spouse community. While the vast majority of U.S. military spouses are female, there ARE male military spouses, and they always impress me. Only around 10% of the nearly 1 million milspouses are male, and Adam is a part of a rare group of male spouses who identifies with the LGBTQ+ population. 

Male military spouses often face “bonus” hardships including feeling socially isolated and being stigmatized as a “stay at home dad” which is not always true. Milspouses of all genders live a challenging life, but the males take the cake for facing personal and professional challenges through supporting their service member.

Meet Adam Evans.

But don’t worry, Adam is doing just fine. He is a PhD level educator, entrepreneur, and coach. He has over 16 years of higher education administration and training success within multicultural populations. He brings expertise in business and education development, programming and delivery. Adam is a leader in networked alliances.

Adam is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Owner of Instant Handz, a community of neighbors helping neighbors with small jobs around the home. Instant Handz utilizes the expertise of the military community to help active-duty members of the military, veterans, and their families earn extra income. Through this initiative, he also hopes to better integrate servicemen and women into their local communities

You can find Adam in this guide:

On LinkedIn

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Through his Instant Handz website

“What benefit do you believe military spouses bring to the workforce?”

When I asked Adam the question, “What benefit do you believe military spouses bring to the workforce?” here was his response:

“Being a “milspouse” is a unique strength in the unknown. The spouses I have met are creative, independent, and adaptive to change by both choice and nature of the role. From deployments to detachments and constantly moving, stability stems directly from the milspouse. Some spouses find mobile careers, others create one. They serve as the patriarch or matriarch of the family, guiding education and activity to forge a sense of continuity for their family from the inconsistent schedules the military provides.  Above all though, is the strong bond between milspouses who live this life. We lend support and guidance to those who need it most, when it’s needed most.” ~Adam Evans