Hiring Military Spouses is Good for Business

  By: Jaime Chapman, Founder & CEO of Begin Within & Ana Levan, Director of Marketing at Premier Talent Partners  Consider Hiring a U.S. Military Spouse Hiring U.S. military spouses is good for business. Military spouses are scrappy, diverse, and highly...

The resume isn’t the military spouse, meet Peggy de Villiers.

Totally ignore the resume of a military spouse. Military spouses come in all forms. You may see a hot off the press 18 year old newlywed who has never had a "real job", all the way through industry leading professionals who've been in the workforce for several...

Military Spouses are Agile, Meet Emerald Trejo

Being a "dependent" is the worst. Military spouses get a bad rap for being "dependas" and mooching off their service member. I am a fiercely independent woman and being called a "dependent" makes me vomit in my mouth every time I hear the word. This week, I discovered...

Military Spouses are Determined and Passionate, Meet Deidre McVay-Schulmeister

A little bit of grit, and a whole lotta love. Military spouses are just that... spouses. Military spouses all have something in common, they married a service member. Many people say, "You knew what you were getting into when you married a soldier." HECK NO! Not true....

Milspouses Adjust Quickly, Meet Shirley Walker-King

Over 90% of military spouses are women. According to the White House's Military Spouse Demographics and Employment Information publication, "92% of Active Duty spouses are female". This publication also states that: "Female military spouses earn, on average, 25% less...


Military Spouses Move Mountains, Meet Ciara Skiles

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Sierra Skiles Milspouses move mountains Begin Within feature

Military spouses will figure it out.

I have always heard the saying “if you want to get something done, ask a busy mom.” Military spouses are possibly the busiest human beings on the planet, whether kids are in the picture or not.

Milspouses run the show.  The service member works constantly, never seeming to keep regular hours, leaving for frequent TDY (otherwise translated as “business trips”), training events, and dreaded deployments that last for months on end.

In leading the household during frequent absence of their military counterpart, milspouses pick up a lot of handy skills along the way. I believe I’m going to change this old saying of “ask a busy mom” to “ask a military spouse” after talking with Ciara.

Meet Ciara Skiles.

Ciara has a passion for helping teams. Her gift of driving teamwork lends to ten years of success as a retail field manager for world renowned brands like Ann Taylor, Victoria’s Secret and Saks. She is now a 5x certified Salesforce professional, building client success in a manager role within the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

You can connect with Ciara on LinkedIn.

“What benefit do you believe military spouses bring to the workforce?”

I asked Ciara the question, “What benefit do you believe military spouses bring to the workforce?” Here is her answer:

“Military spouses make the most amazing employees and co-workers.  We are natural team players, networkers and have an innate grit and grace to us that enables us to handle even the toughest of situations.  I often say that if you want something done, put it in front of a group of military spouses because there’s no mountain we won’t move to make it happen.” ~ Ciara Skiles