Hiring Military Spouses is Good for Business

  By: Jaime Chapman, Founder & CEO of Begin Within & Ana Levan, Director of Marketing at Premier Talent Partners  Consider Hiring a U.S. Military Spouse Hiring U.S. military spouses is good for business. Military spouses are scrappy, diverse, and highly...

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Being a "dependent" is the worst. Military spouses get a bad rap for being "dependas" and mooching off their service member. I am a fiercely independent woman and being called a "dependent" makes me vomit in my mouth every time I hear the word. This week, I discovered...

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Over 90% of military spouses are women. According to the White House's Military Spouse Demographics and Employment Information publication, "92% of Active Duty spouses are female". This publication also states that: "Female military spouses earn, on average, 25% less...


Over 90% of companies use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to screen resumes due to large candidate pools. It is estimated that 70% of resumes remain unseen by recruiters — mainly due to the resumes lacking keywords so the stakes are high when you choose resume optimization software. The only goal is to literally be seen, which increases your chances of being called for an interview.

Our team at Begin Within does use software to optimize resumes and ensure your resume gets through Applicant Tracking Software and in front of a human. With so many selections of Applicant Tracking Software on the market today, we selected the most popular options out there so you can make an informed choice when selecting the best resume optimization software for your needs. It’s important to remember that no matter which resume optimization software you decide to use, your number one goal is to get through “the system” and get an interview. 

We ran tests on each platform using a real person, resume, and Amazon job announcement. (Eternal thanks to our favorite guinea pig, Cartographer Zach Richards.) A side note: Zach’s application resulted in an interview, not because of the resume, but because of Zach’s mad networking skills.



This resume optimizing software compares your resume with the job description and provides a weighted score based on the required skills for the job present in your resume. 

Other key features:

  • Allows one test scan before requiring the user to register for a free account. You can use Google or LinkedIn login or create an independent login via the website.
  • Identifies the hard and soft skills required.
  • Makes suggestions to optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Software.
  • Any score above 80% will increase your chances of passing the Applicant Tracking Software. 
  • The website includes a ton of free blog content that can help you write an effective resume.
  • Currently free – but in the FAQ’s section, they mention potentially monetizing the software in coming months. 

Sneak Peek of RezRunner:



Jobscan is able to provide a match rate in two seconds by using an algorithm similar to algorithms used by Applicant Tracking Software scanners to calculate match rate based on skills, job title, education, etc. Another key feature is that Jobscan gives ATS-specific tips based on which Applicant Tracking Software that the company is already using – most of the Fortune 500 companies are covered, and Jobscan gives 3-4 tips per each Applicant Tracking Software.

Other key features:

  • You can try before you buy and register for a free trial.
  • Skill keyword comparison allows you to see which hard skills, soft skills, and buzzwords occur most often between your resume and the job description.
  • Job search tracking: You’re able to track your job search and see progress, such as your different resume versions, jobs you’ve applied to, and interview offers.
  • Jobscan offers a premium version, which provides a Cover Letter Scan and Power Editing. Power Editing allows you to edit your original resume on the website and then download a new copy of it when you’re finished.
  • Designate a master resume, which allows it to be the default scanned resume for new job descriptions that you can tailor each time you apply.
  • Scans for things that humans are also looking for, such as measurable results and even scans for words that you should avoid.
  • Provides tips based on the ATS used by the company (if available.) In Zach’s application, it provided specific tips for iCIMS, the software currently used by Amazon.
  • Current Pricing for Job Seekers: Either $89.95 every 3 months or $49.99 per month.
  • Current Pricing for Career Coaches: Lite, $199 monthly or Premium bundles start at $4,000 annually.

Sneak Peek of Jobscan:



Skillsyncer uses skill and keyword matching to suggest skills and qualifications that you may have overlooked ensuring that your resume is not overlooked. It also gives an instant resume critique by evaluating formatting, sections, template, and even your font selection. Your resume is given a job match score when compared to a job description and this applicant optimization software also evaluates your job title match, education match, as well as your years of experience. 

Other key features:

  • Provides a guide on how to get your resume seen when you sign up for their newsletter. 
  • Scan history of resumes you’ve scanned so you can track improvements over time.
  • Allows for five free resume scans a month and one job match scan per week.
  • Scans for accomplishments.
  • Word count and contact info check.
  • The paid version has unlimited scans as well as a verb, word, and pronoun choice features. 
  • .edu or .mil accounts enjoy one free year of Skillsyncer. Veterans and military spouses that do not have an email address ending in .edu or .mil may email the company to obtain a free year subscription.
  • Pricing: There is a limited free version, an option at $14.95/month or a quarterly option at $12.95/month.

Sneak Peek of SkillSyncer:



CVScan is a free tool to help you identify the key words that are missing on your CV so you can get past ATS. CVScan works very similarly to the software mentioned above and is free and simple to use. The algorithm scans the CV alongside the job announcement providing a one for one key word comparison plus a score. The site features an advertisement explaining why the software is free. 

Other key features:

  • No cookies or tracking, they don’t collect any of your personal information.
  • Free and there is no sign up, register or pay anything, you just jump on the site and start scanning.
  • Keywords comparison to see which key skills and buzzwords match between your CV and the job description.
  • Match score with only one click, get a personalized score by the algorithm. 

Sneak peek of CVScan:



VMOCK is different than the other software listed because the software scores the strength of your resume without cross checking it against a job announcement for a comparison score. In the screenshot, the sample resume scored 79 in the green zone and the breakdown was 29/40 Impact, 22/30 Presentation and 28/30 Competencies. Without purchasing premium, you get no explanation of those three categories. When using VMOCK, you get only one free resume upload and then the software prompts you to purchase premium for $19.95 without allowing you to try any premium features ahead of time. VMOCK has a unique free option: “Bring 3 friends and get FREE premium access.” You can copy a link and share it with your friends on social to get 3 people to join. We purchased the premium version and gave it a spin.

Other key features:

  • Premium costs $19.95
  • If you share with 3 friends you can get it for free.
  • Highlights areas of improvement directly on your resume and gives feedback for each area of improvement.
  • Allows 10 resumes to be uploaded (11 if you include the first free upload).
  • Uses green/yellow/red highlights to easily identify good content versus areas of improvement.
  • “System Feedback” covering verbiage, formatting, style and the 5 competencies: analytical, communication, leadership, teamwork and initiative.
  • “Bullet Level Feedback” option which goes line by line and provides feedback on each bullet.
  • “Ask for Network Feedback” option where to email a reviewer requesting feedback. 

Sneak peek of VMOCK:

As for Zach, his resume scored differently on each platform:

  • RezRunner: 21%
  • Jobscan: 24%
  • SkillSyncer: 35 of 100
  • CVScan: 45%
  • VMOCK: 75

Are you using different Resume Optimizing Software to beat the Applicant Tracking Software? Share your experience with us in the comments!